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Monday, March 29, 2010

4:53AM - Friends only!!

credit goes to mesmeriseicons

Friends Only! Comment to be added! Credit of banner goes to mesmeriseicons!!

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Monday, March 29, 2004

3:21AM - what do you think of me?

Got this from my girl naughtyaudi Okay what you do is fill it out and post it in a comment to this entry then go ahead and copy it into your own journal i'll do one of these for whoever does one for me :)

1. How would you describe me in less than 5 words?
2. On a Scale from 1 - 10, how nice am I to you?
3. Do I seem Caring?
4. Outgoing or shy?
5. Funny or serious?
6. Sweet or mean?
7. Singing, or Dancing?
8. Colorful or gray?
9. Smart or stupid?
10. Faithful or Faithless?
11. Goody-goody or naughty-naughty?
12. Weird or gifted?
13. Which Celebrity is most like me?
14. Do you like being friends with me?
15. Do you ever think about me off-line?
16. What's my Spice name?
17. Dark or a bright person?
18. Do you consider me one of your good friends?
19. How would you describe me to someone else?
20. Cheater or Loyal?
21. Guy-Crazed or laid-back?
22. Freak or Prep?
23. Chatty or quiet?
24. Do you think I'm ugly, OK, cute, or HOT (um..you don't have to answer this one ^_^; lol)
25. What's your prediction for my future?

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

3:41PM - How is everyone?

Hey all just wanted to stop in and post a post for everyone to let them know I am still alive!! Yes, it has been a crazy few days!! Like I told everyone I went to see Eternal Sunshine on Weds. and that was such a great movie!! I loved Elijah!!

Well Thurs. I went and saw Secret Window and Johnny was just so hot!! Wow, had a few favorite parts, "You ignorant hick, I'm in the middle of a divorce, d-i-v-o-r-c-e." LMAO Oh and the part where his ex shows up at the cabin and he closes the door with the hat on. Growl. He was so hot there!! The people that have seen it know what I mean!!

Well yesterday I went and saw Scooby Doo 2, because my son loves Scooby Doo movies!! He is a big fan of the first one, so had to take him to see the second one and he never took his eyes off the screen the whole movie!! He is 3 years old, so getting him to sit still is a task in itself!! I was so pleased!!

Anyway...still got a couple movies to catch up on!! I have to work tonight which isn't all that fun, but am looking forward to it being over, then I have 2 days off again!! Yay!!!

OK well talk to all later! Have to work 4-close tonight and will probably get out around 1. That sucks!! Talk to all later!!

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

2:31AM - I saw Eternal Sunshine!! Yay!!

Well just wanted to say that I did get to go and see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and it really does make you think!! I loved it!! It was a great movie!! Anyway...Elijah was adorable!

"I took a pair of her panties" "Well they were clean". Ahhh that was one of the best lines! I took Nathan!! Haven't seen him since Sunday!! We are going to see Secret Window tomorrow at 1pm. I can't wait!! I said I would catch up on my movies!! LOL Am looking forward to that!!

Anyway...all has been good!! I was chatting on pm with my friend, calls himslef elf and it was great!! That was on yahoo by the way!! He and I have been getting along great!!

Oh and this guy I used to talk to awhile back Ray!! Well he happened to be online today on MSN when I signed on so I talked to him in pm and then he called me tonight and we talked. Of course, Nathan was not happy!!

Anyway...before I go!! Elijah was hot in Eternal Sunshine and the movie was awesome!! Gotta love Lijah!! Later all!!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

6:27AM - Some things I found!!

Got this from curlsgrl777

What Song Will Billeh Sing Next?? by lady_wild_fire
user name
songRebels of the Sacred Heart
stylePop (complete with Nsync dancie moves and pouty lips)
wherea local Bar Mitzvah
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Got the following from elijah_luver

Dom is sex.

Dom is sex.

LOTR Man-bitch by _allsystemsgo
Man-bitch:Dominic Monaghan
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Got these from Got this from petertork4eva

Seduced By A Hogwarts Proffessor (Preferably For The Girls, no Harry Potters please) by dezthewicked
Which Male Professor:Proffessor Remus Lupin
Where:In The Great Hall After a Feast
What Pick-up Line Does He Use??"I wish that there was some way to express what I feel..."
How Does He Do It?He shapeshifts...four legs are better than two, aren't they?
What Was it Like?"Oh, you kinow...*wink...he's the Master"
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Why Billy has to be in love with you: by Robogirl
Your LJ name:
Your favorite song:
Your favorite movie:
Your compatibilty:71
When he will realize his eternal love:October 16, 2005
Where he will confess his love:In his car.
How your first kiss will be:sexy.
How many years your relationship will last:56
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

Got these pics from crazystarstruck Some hot hot Billeh!!!

Billeh hereCollapse )

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

3:57PM - Just an update!!

OK anyway...here goes. I have to work again tonight until close, 5 - close. Not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to having 2 days off. Yay!!! I can't wait. Am happy about that!! Now I might be able to catch up on my movies that I haven't seen yet!! Anyway...all has been pretty good I guess, except my son is driving me nuts right now!!

OK I have been on my messengers a few times and talked to some people!! That has been good!! I hope to talk to more eventually!!

I seem to be on yahoo the most, although have gotten on MSN quite a bit!! I have some people that I chat with in the chatroom at nights on yahoo!! The LOTRs chat, isn't that an obvious one!! LOL

Anyway...can't wait to see those movies soon!! I am looking forward to it and like I said I will tell everyone what I thought!! My first choice to go see will definately be Eternal Sunshine. Of course, it is an Elijah movie!!

My toe hurts right now because I got a splinter in it last night and can't seem to get it out!! OK later all!!

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

3:21PM - Am doing good!

Well I am doing really good I think!!

I went on a diet and in two weeks I am down 10 pounds, well 9 to be exact, so this is such a happy day for me!! I am so determined to lose this!! Anyway...I am happy about it!!

I did not see Eternal Sunshine yet!! Thank you Heather!! :( But I will!! Trust me I will!! It has Elijah in it!!

Did anyone watch TRL this last Friday to see if Lijah was really on it? I recorded it, but haven't watched it yet and wondered if he was on it!!

I still need to see Hidalgo and Secret Window too!! I am so behind, but all of my working has done that to me!! Like I work again tonight from 5 to close!! I will catch up this week when I have a couple of days off!! Got to see Elijah, Johnny and Viggo!! Makes note to self!! I mean there is an Orlando movie coming and have to be able to see that too!!! Ok anyway!!

Well I was just watching Oliver Twist on WGN because Elijah is in it and wow even with the clothes he had on and everything he still looks mega hot!! Can he ever go wrong?

Besides me... who else is excited about the May 25th release of ROTK? I am so happy it is being released early this year!! Yay!!!!!

It is still in out theaters so am thinking that I might go and see it once more before it leaves theaters!! It hasn't left yet has Heather? You told me it still had a couple weeks!! I need to see it once more!! I saw it 5 times already!! I still think even at home, doesn't compare to a movie theater!!

OK enough of my rambling, when I see those movies I will be sure to give my opinions to everyone!! Later all!!!

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