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I saw Eternal Sunshine!! Yay!!

Well just wanted to say that I did get to go and see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and it really does make you think!! I loved it!! It was a great movie!! Anyway...Elijah was adorable!

"I took a pair of her panties" "Well they were clean". Ahhh that was one of the best lines! I took Nathan!! Haven't seen him since Sunday!! We are going to see Secret Window tomorrow at 1pm. I can't wait!! I said I would catch up on my movies!! LOL Am looking forward to that!!

Anyway...all has been good!! I was chatting on pm with my friend, calls himslef elf and it was great!! That was on yahoo by the way!! He and I have been getting along great!!

Oh and this guy I used to talk to awhile back Ray!! Well he happened to be online today on MSN when I signed on so I talked to him in pm and then he called me tonight and we talked. Of course, Nathan was not happy!!

Anyway...before I go!! Elijah was hot in Eternal Sunshine and the movie was awesome!! Gotta love Lijah!! Later all!!
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