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what do you think of me?

Got this from my girl naughtyaudi Okay what you do is fill it out and post it in a comment to this entry then go ahead and copy it into your own journal i'll do one of these for whoever does one for me :)

1. How would you describe me in less than 5 words?
2. On a Scale from 1 - 10, how nice am I to you?
3. Do I seem Caring?
4. Outgoing or shy?
5. Funny or serious?
6. Sweet or mean?
7. Singing, or Dancing?
8. Colorful or gray?
9. Smart or stupid?
10. Faithful or Faithless?
11. Goody-goody or naughty-naughty?
12. Weird or gifted?
13. Which Celebrity is most like me?
14. Do you like being friends with me?
15. Do you ever think about me off-line?
16. What's my Spice name?
17. Dark or a bright person?
18. Do you consider me one of your good friends?
19. How would you describe me to someone else?
20. Cheater or Loyal?
21. Guy-Crazed or laid-back?
22. Freak or Prep?
23. Chatty or quiet?
24. Do you think I'm ugly, OK, cute, or HOT (um..you don't have to answer this one ^_^; lol)
25. What's your prediction for my future?
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